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We deliver games with great re-playability, innovative designs, accessible levels of complexity, playing times of less than 1.5 hours and commercially attractive branding.

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About Us

StarHouse Games is a brand which emerged from Let’s Play — a company which has achieved numerous successes on the Polish market over the past decade, started by two psychologists who love games.

Our Products

At present, our company offers two separate game ranges:

StarHouse Love – games for lovers themed around romance and sensual play.

StarHouse Games – colourful board and card games aimed at a wide range of players.

StarHouse Love
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OH YES! GAME SET FOR COUPLES is a set of 3 sensual games which will allow you to achieve ecstasy in hundreds of thousands of different ways! This set contains 3 decks: OH YES! PINK, OH YES! RED, OH YES! PURPLE!
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OH YES! PINK is a passion filled card game for those just getting to know one another or entering new relationships. It allows players to experience 30,600 delicate, sensual adventures and delights during passionate, romantic evenings together!
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OH YES! RED is a sensual card game for couples, allowing lovers to experience 31,920 pleasure scenarios! The games are different every time, surprising and spontaneous. It’s pure action without worrying about how and what to do…
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OH YES! PURPLE is an inspiring card game which allows players to experience up to 5,376 unique scenarios by acting out sensual roles in all kinds of exciting formats.
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Arcana of Love®: Deluxe Edition
The DELUXE SET contains all 3 decks (Sensual, Passionate & Spicy), which you can use separately or combined together. This set also contains a blindfold and handcuffs — helping you achieve even more intense experiences.
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Arcana of Love®: Sensual Deck
The Sensual deck helps players overcome shyness and introduces variety into the bedroom. Your romantic life will be even more exciting and full of passion!
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Arcana of Love®: Passionate Deck
The Passionate deck is the best way to raise the temperature in your bedroom. With this deck you can open up new experiences and strengthen the bond with your partner by surrendering to avid caresses!
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Arcana of Love®: Spicy Deck
The Spicy Deck is best for those looking for intense experiences, helping you fulfill fantasies related to possessive domination and arousing submission, also by using sensual gadgets. This game fires up hidden passions and desires!
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OH YES! GAME SET FOR COUPLES is a set of 3 sensual games which will allow you to achieve ecstasy in hundreds of thousands of different ways! This set contains 3 decks: OH YES! PINK, OH YES! RED, OH YES! PURPLE!
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About Us & Our Products

“Very well made game for couples. The interaction will satisfy both partners and the deck can be modified. I recommend it!”

Source: Rebel.pl
Bartek About "Arcana of Love"

“Very good game for couples, perfect for evenings together with your other half. The different types of cards, their categories, and levels of experience are just perfect for every couple regardless of the stage of their relationship.”

Source: Rebel.pl
Jan L. About "Arcana of Love"

“A great set for couples that will create and spice up an amazing atmosphere. It’ll definitely liven up any hint of boredom between couples if there is one. It also gives plenty of fun and joy because laughter is an integral part of the game, especially at the beginning. The cards are very well made – the pictures help to build up the mood. I recommend the expansions to the game (just buy the whole set). :)”

Source: Rebel.pl
Marcus_Rouge About "Arcana of Love"

“I bought it for my sister for her 10th anniversary. They are still together, so I guess it worked…:)”

Source: Rebel.pl
Aurelion About "Arcana of Love"

“It is good. 🙂 I recommend you buy every deck available and create your own decks…”

Source: Rebel.pl
Dewodaa About "Arcana of Love"

“It may be the best game for adults on the market. It has the power to melt the ice between shy lovers and it can spice up shared moments.”

Source: Rebel.pl
Krystyna1953 About "Arcana of Love"

“It’s the perfect offering for couples who want to add variety to their foreplay. The expansions provide some additional fun, but it’s hard to finish the game without surrendering to the Arcana of Love with your partner.”

Source: Rebel.pl
Arasz About "Arcana of Love"
Meet Our Dream Team!

We take a comprehensive approach to producing games – from initial ideas through to mechanics, balance, design, prototyping, testing, publishing and marketing. We create products which seek to meet specific consumer needs and market sector demands.

Kamil Matuszak
CEO, Head of Game Design
Mateusz Pronobis
Co-founder, Head of E-Commerce
Co-founder, Head of International Sales
Head of Graphic Designers
Head of Artists
Head of Marketing & Promotion
Head of Web Designers
Product Owner
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Partners who choose to publish or implement our games are offered full process support:

• Translations/cultural adjustments
• Preparation for print/printing
• Validated marketing texts
• Professional graphic materials
• Marketing presentations
• Product website creation & support
• Sales Know-How/strategy
• Advertising materials.

Get in touch by filling in the contact form or e-mail us via: office(at)starhouselove.com

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